Guerrilla Dossier: Helghast Security

Guerrilla Dossier is a series of articles that looks at the characters, groups and forces that populate the world of Killzone Shadow Fall. In this installment we look at the Helghast Security Forces responsible for maintaining order in Vekta’s Helghan-controlled areas.

Tasked with defending the Helghan civilian population from threats both internal and external, the Helghan Security Forces enforce the peace through omnipresent surveillance and cruelty. Whilst they're less heavily armed and don't have the same milspec gear as their Infantry counterparts, these troopers are more mobile and quick to respond to any incident. They are not a threat to be taken lightly.

Countless Helghast Security Troopers patrol the Helghan Sector, and they're always on guard against ISA infiltrators. Their agility and convergence tactics compensate for their vulnerability in comparison with other Helghan forces. 

Helghast Riot Troopers use a defensive shield to converge on threats, and use heavy shotguns to put down threats at close range. Their shields are resistant (but not impervious) to small arms fire, but tactically-aware players will distract and flank them where they're vulnerable.

Saric is the head of the Helghan Security Forces. A firsthand witness to the Helghan Terracide as a child, Saric's contempt and disgust for Vekta is matched by few. Part enforcer, part inquisitor, Saric sadistically relishes the opportunities for violence his position provides. 

Click on the gallery thumbnails below for full-size screenshots of the Helghast troopers. Keep an eye on for new Guerrilla Dossier, because we’ll be taking a look at the Helghast Security forces that maintain order in Vekta’s Helghan-controlled areas next.

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