Shadow Marshal Tutorial Video

Just under a week to go until Killzone Shadow Fall launches… or three weeks, if you’re in the UK or Europe. The anticipation is more than we can bear here at Guerrilla, so we can only imagine what it must be like for you.

To tide you over (and, to be honest, tide us over as well) we put together this Shadow Marshal tactical combat tutorial video. It details the combat abilities and equipment of the Shadow Marshal, and shows you how to put them to good use in the game. It also covers the Shadow Marshal’s personal combat drone, the OWL, and explains how to command it using the touchpad on the DualShock4.




We hope you found this tutorial video useful and entertaining. You may want to give it another view in the coming days – it won’t make the waiting any easier, but it can help you hit the ground running when the game launches on November 15 (November 29 in the UK and Europe). Also, keep checking for the latest news on Killzone Shadow Fall!

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