Getting Rid of Network Errors

Today we will be giving you an insight in network errors, what we are doing about them and how you can avoid them.

An overview of the network errors:


Fig. 1: Most frequent errors in KZSF. (Click to enlarge.)



These errors occur if your available download bandwidth is too low. Usually you see the game lag before receiving this error. The server cannot send you enough data and will disconnect you.



This means that you are not signed into the PlayStation Network. This can happen automatically after PlayStation Network maintenance. Go to the PlayStation Dynamic Menu and sign in again to play.



This error means that the matchmaking server could not connect to the PlayStation Network to authenticate you. The server to server authentication system is used by relatively few PS4 titles, so don’t be surprised if other online PS4 titles still work.


(For more info please check ‘What to do when there is a PSN outage’ below.)



This error is triggered when there is a patch available. To download the patch quit the game. Your PS4 should automatically start to download the patch.



This error is triggered when you don’t have a valid PlayStation Plus membership. The game will automatically forward you to the store to buy a membership when this happens.


E_NL_NOLINK (10070)

This error indicates that you are not connected to the internet. Please check your network cable. There is also a checkbox in the PlayStation Dynamic Menu under Settings / Network called ‘Connect to the Internet’ which needs to be ticked. In the same menu there is an option to test your network connection.


E_NPM_INIT (10900) & E_AC_FAILED (12002)

When you get this error your PS4 could not connect to the PlayStation Network.


(For more info please check ‘What to do when there is a PSN outage’ below.)



A patch is available and has been downloaded. Patches cannot be applied while the game is running, so you need to quit the game. In the Notifications menu you can see a notification that the patch has been downloaded. You can start the installation process from here but the PS4 should also automatically start installing.



This error occurs when you try to join a game or when rolling over to the next round. It means that we tried to connect to the game servers but did not receive a response. There are a number of possible reasons for this:

  • The game servers that handle in game traffic are down. This hasn’t happened since we launched and is unlikely to happen as broken game servers are automatically replaced.
  • If you cannot get into any game, then your firewall is very likely to block UDP traffic on port 10070. Please consult the documentation for your router/firewall to see how to open up this port.
  • If you receive this error after round rollover then it is very likely that you have a Technicolor TG582, TG587 or TG589 modem. After a lot of investigation we found the problem to be related to a NAT setting.


Fig. 2: The majority of 10100 errors come from Technicolor routers. (Click to enlarge.)


If you have a Technicolor router and have this error please:

  • Open a command prompt on your PC
  • Type (without the quotes): "telnet" (see below if this gives an error)
  • Login "admin", no password (might be different based on modem branding or if you set a password yourself)
  • Type: ":connection bind application=CONE(UDP) port=10070"
  • Type: ":saveall"
  • Turn your router off for a minute and turn it on again


Technicolor will include this setting as a default in their next firmware update.


Note that Technicolor also manufactures modems under different names (e.g. Thomson, SpeedTouch) and for different ISPs (e.g. the BT Home Hub).


On windows ‘telnet’ is not installed by default, you need to go to the ‘Control Panel’, select ‘Programs and Features’ and select ‘Turn Windows features on or off’ and finally tick the ‘Telnet Client’.


If the IP of your router is not you can also try If this still doesn’t work then run ‘ipconfig’ on the command prompt and search for the IP address under ‘Default Gateway’.


Technical explanation: The game creates a socket on startup and uses that to connect to any game you play. When you join a game you will connect to server X, when we send packets to server X, the router will automatically allow packets to come back from server X. On round rollover we (possibly) connect to a different game server Y. Normally the process repeats and traffic from server Y is allowed, but this does not seem to be the case for Technicolor routers. The command above will tell the Technicolor router to switch to a ‘Full-cone NAT’ for UDP port 10070 which means that as soon as we connect to server X, any server will be able to talk back to the PS4 over the same port.


E_PC_FAILED (10602)

This error means that we could not determine if you are a PlayStation Plus member or not. This happens when there are problems with the PlayStation Network.


Check ‘What to do when there is a PSN outage’ below.



This means that your available upload bandwidth was too low. Usually you will see the game lag before the error happens.


(For more info please check ‘E_NGT errors’ below.)


E_OPM_DOWNLOAD_FAILED (30020), E_STM_REQUEST_FAILED (30000), E_PPM_DOWNLOAD_FAILED (30040), E_SS_DOWNLOAD (10054), E_AH_INFO_DOWNLOAD (30050) and most of the unlisted error codes

If you get one of these errors then the game servers are (temporarily) unreachable. This can happen because:

  • The game servers that handle matchmaking are down. Since launch this has happened only once and was fixed within an hour.
  • You cannot connect to our game servers on TCP port 443. Check your firewall and internet connection settings.


If you were able to connect to the game before, then try again a few times and if it still doesn’t work wait for an hour and try again. If the problem persists longer then contact us.



This error occurs when you are not old enough to play online. In most countries you need to be 18 to play, in the US, Japan and Latin America you need to be 17, in New Zealand 16 and in Australia 15.


E_NP_NO_DNS (10001)

When you get this error there is something wrong with your DNS and we could not resolve the IP address of the game servers. Please go to the PlayStation Dynamic Menu select Settings and Network and run a network connection test.



This happens when joining a game and when a connection could be made but when it was dropped before you could enter the game.


(For more info please check ‘E_NGT errors’ below.)


E_PRS_INIT (10057)

When you get disconnected during game play, we store stats that you have earned in that game in your save game. The next time you connect to the game servers we will post these stats and if it fails you get this error. Usually you can try logging in a few times and it will go away, if it doesn’t go away within a few hours then contact us.



When you start the game we will automatically ping servers in the different game regions to determine your closest region. This error means that none of the servers have responded. The most likely cause of this is that your firewall blocks UDP port 10070. Please consult the documentation for your router/firewall to see how to open up this port.



When you join a game all players are synchronized. This error occurs if the game was unable to finish the synchronization. Try joining a game again or try joining a different Warzone.


E_NGT_KICKED (10102)

Either a moderator kicked you out of the game or the players in your faction successfully kick voted you.


What to do when there is a PSN outage:

Check the PlayStation forum (search for ‘maintenance’) to see if there is any planned maintenance. If not, then it is an unplanned event. We have a team that monitors the servers 24 hours a day. The PlayStation Network team will be informed when this team detects problems and the issue is usually resolved within a couple of hours. Please try connecting again a little bit later.


E_NGT errors

Errors in this category are the most annoying errors since they will disconnect you mid game. Most of our investigations have focused on reducing these errors. 85% of the players get this less than once per 10 hours of play. Wireless players get about twice as many errors as wired players. See below for the distribution of errors around the world.


Fig. 3: Error rate per city (note that our city database is incomplete, so there are missing dots). Grey is 1 error per 10 hours of play, green is better, red is worse. (Click to enlarge.)


We are about to roll out a server patch that makes the server a little bit more robust against bad connections, we’ve seen that this reduces the amount of errors by about 30%. We’re trying to improve it further but changes are risky as we effectively allow people with bad connections to stay in the game longer and thereby increase lag for other players.

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