Guerrilla Armory: VC-30 Shotgun

The Guerrilla Armory returns with a look at another powerful weapon from Killzone Shadow Fall - the Helghast VC30 Shotgun. If you thought the LS13 from previous games was effective, wait until you get your hands on this baby! As usual, art director and firearms designer Roy Postma answers our questions and concerns about the new weapon.

Unlike its Killzone 3 predecessor, this shotgun has two barrels! Won't that make the VC30 overpowered?


"The cool thing about shotguns is that their large shells allow for many different ammo types. In this case, the stacked double barrel is used to quickly switch between ammo types, which won’t make the weapon overpowered but does make it a lot more versatile."


Stacked-barrel shotguns are usually break-action, single-shot weapons! Won’t such a mechanism make the VC30 underpowered?


"No, the VC30 actually has a classic pump-action reload mechanism. We’ve added two individual tube magazines placed next to each other under the stacked barrels, allowing for 8 shots from each magazine. These can be loaded with different ammo types if preferred. In a sense, the VC30 is two shotguns put together, making it a real Helghast weapon that favors quantity and firepower."


Were there any real-life inspirations for the VC30's design?


"In recent years many new designs for automatic shotguns have surfaced, redefining the concept of the shotgun in terms of looks and functionality. We’ve used some of those designs as inspiration, creating a mix of their best features and then pouring that mixture into a new Helghast weapon cast." 

Thanks, Roy! The Guerrilla Armory will be back with another new weapon from Killzone Shadow Fall soon. In the meantime, check out the high-res screenshots in the gallery below:

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