Behind the Scenes at Gamescom

Behind the Scenes at Gamescom

Now in its second year, the Gamescom in Germany is quickly becoming the largest games event in the world. Over 250,000 people descended on Cologne last week, eager to sample the enormous amount of games and technologies on offer. Naturally, we were there to showcase Killzone 3's multiplayer mode.

For Guerrilla Managing Director Hermen Hulst, the week actually started at the 2010 GDC Europe venue opposite Gamescom, where he delivered a keynote speech about Guerrilla's inception and growth. Speaking to a packed audience, Hermen highlighted some of the most important pitfalls and lessons from Guerrilla's history, and concluded by confirming the studio's plans for a new IP.

Across the street, another Guerrilla delegation was hard at work setting up the Killzone 3 press booth at Gamescom. By Wednesday morning, the team was ready to receive the first of nine groups of games journalists for a Killzone 3 multiplayer demonstration. Each demo session started off with a quick recap of Killzone 2 and an introduction to Killzone 3's online features by Lead Multiplayer Designer Martin Connor and Senior Multiplayer Designer Dan Nanni.

Back in Amsterdam, a team of Guerrilla developers was waiting to meet the journalists in online battle. "At the end of the introduction, the journalists were all very eager to start playing against our developers," Martin says. "We offered to demonstrate certain features first, but they insisted on jumping right in." Thankfully, most journalists got to grips with controls almost immediately, as the following clips from the demo session shows:

On Thursday the Gamescom show floor was opened to the general audience, and thousands of visitors flocked to the Killzone 3 stand - which had been dressed up as a morgue for the occasion. "It was a bizarre sight," Producer Aryeh Loeb recalls. "Visitors would lie down on morgue refrigerator drawers and play Killzone 3's single player mode on the monitors attached to the drawers above them. If you wanted to experience the single player mode in 3D, you even had to climb inside a dirty-looking bathtub!"

"Overall, I'd say our Gamescom appearance was a big success," Aryeh continues. "Big events like these can become a little stressful at times, but almost everything went off without a hitch. Well, there was an incident where one of the journalists got so engrossed in the game he couldn't stop playing and missed his next press demo as a result. But we considered that kind of a compliment."

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