See Pyrrhus Crater & Engineer Class In Action!

We continue our preview of Killzone 3’s multiplayer mode with a playthrough video of the ‘Pyrrhus Crater’ map, using the Engineer military career.

Pyrrhus Crater is situated in the middle of Helghan’s ruined capitol, right next to the enormous crater left by the nuclear explosion from Killzone 2. The whole area is cast in the eerie glow of irradiated Petrusite tendrils extending from the crater. The ISA have established research stations to analyze this new form of Petrusite, but the Helghast have already begun to harvest it for weaponization.


Pyrrhus Crater is suited for Warzone (24 players) and Guerrilla Warfare (16 players) game modes. The level contains Mortar Beacons, which can be used to call down mortar strikes on enemy entrenchments, and decommissioned Minigun Emplacements, which can be restored to working order by the Engineer. After the Engineer fixes a Minigun Emplacement, his whole faction can use it to rain down heavy fire on the enemy.


At this moment the Open Beta is in full flow. We are already looking at over 60 million kills, with about 10% of those being Brutal Melee kills. The feedback on has been overwhelming.


If you haven’t done so before, get to the Store and download the Open Beta. It’s free to play for everyone!


Aryeh Loeb, Producer

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