Right on the Mark

Today we are showing a video of the Marksman military career on a Killzone 3 multiplayer map plagued by violent snowstorms: Akmir Snowdrift.

Akmir Snowdrift is set in Helghan’s frozen southern regions, on a snowy peninsula linked to a Petrusite rig in icy ocean waters. Fierce blizzards scour the entire area, resulting in wildly varying degrees of visibility. It’s the perfect place for a Marksman to stalk his prey.

The Marksman is famous for his ingenious optical camouflage ‘cloak’. It enables him to disappear from the field of vision of any enemy, and turns him into a one-man ambush. But the Marksman isn’t just a lone wolf; his ability to jam enemy radar, together with his proficiency for the StA-52 Assault Rifle, makes the Marksman a valuable asset to any Squad. He becomes especially dangerous when using the silenced machine pistol as a secondary gun; the negligible recoil and report of the gun won’t even disrupt the cloaking effect when fired.

Akmir Snowdrift features all of Killzone 3’s Game Modes. Unique here is the Operations mode, which opens up a section of the map that won’t be accessible while playing Warzone or Guerrilla Warfare. In Akmir Snowdrift’s Operations mode, Helghast and ISA forces fight for control of a tanker loaded with valuable cargo. As part of the Helghast team, it’s your job to ensure that the ISA do not gain access to and steal the cargo ship. As part of the ISA team your objective is to secure the cargo at all costs!

Enjoy the video, and remember to check Killzone.com for the latest Killzone 3 news and videos!

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