Tactician Career Progression Demonstration

For our second career progression video, Guerrilla Senior Multiplayer Designer Dan Nanni looks at the Tactician’s key abilities and weapons.

In the video, Dan explores the considerable combat capabilities of the Tactician career, as well as its versatile role on the battlefield – in this case, on MP06 Akmir Snowdrift. Tacticians can lead the assault against enemy players by marking their positions on the radar, or support their own team by capturing tactical spawn areas. In addition, their deployable sentry drones are extremely useful for providing fire support or holding down important areas.

The video also illustrates how the Tactician’s career progression is tracked in the My Killzone section [insert link] of Killzone.com. My Killzone is a helpful tool for keeping track of kills, ribbons and experience points, and can even suggest objectives to go after next.

Keep an eye on Killzone.com and the official PlayStation.Blog for the other career progression videos. Enjoy!

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