Field Medic Career Progression Demonstration

The fourth career progression video focuses on the Field Medic career. Guerrilla Senior Multiplayer Designer Stuart Billinghurst explores its role on the battlefield.

The ultimate team players, Field Medics have the ability to bring their team mates back from the brink of death. When fully leveled up, they will even bring players back with extra health and ammo. Field Medics can also emit a health aura, which allows them and any team mates in the vicinity to heal faster than normal.


Field Medics are equipped with Medi-Droids that assist and protect them on the battlefield. Their weapons selection, with options for short-, medium- and long-range encounters, makes them excellent all-round fighters. Often underestimated, Field Medics are an invaluable asset to any faction.


Keep an eye on and PlayStation.Blog for the final career progression video. Enjoy!

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