Marksman Career Progression Demonstration

The fifth and final career progression video highlights the Marksman. Guerrilla Producer Arjen Bokhoven looks at the unique role this career fulfills on the battlefield.

A master of long-range combat, the Marksman excels at hitting targets from great distances – often without those targets ever being aware of his presence. His ability to activate an optical camouflage cloak renders him all but invisible to opponents. At close range, the Marksman has the ability to scramble the radar of enemy players, or shield team mates from an enemy tactician’s Recon ability.

The Marksman’s weapon selection includes the StA-14, the StA-52 and the VC-32 – the latter an excellent long-range weapon capable of felling most enemies with a single shot. For unexpected close-range encounters, the Marksman can fall back to the StA-18 Pistol, the M66 Silenced Machine Pistol or the powerful VC-8 Shotgun Pistol.

Thanks for watching the Killzone 3 career progression demonstrations. Keep an eye on for more in-depth Killzone 3 features!

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