Guerrilla Dossier: Helghast Infantry

In the first Guerrilla Dossier we looked at the Black Hand, a Helghast subfaction at odds with the New Helghan government. This time we examine a less insidious, but no less dangerous force: the new, government-sanctioned Helghast Army.

The Helghast Army has evolved since the events of Killzone 3. The destruction of Helghan and the decimation of the Helghast population forced a change in military doctrine. They could no longer afford to overwhelm their foes with endless formations of lightly trained soldiers. The New Helghan Army needed a new breed of troopers.

Helghast Assault Troopers form the backbone of the Helghan Army. Better trained and better equipped than his historical counterpart, the ‘average’ Trooper is now smarter and deadlier than ever.

The most aggressive and physically powerful Troopers are selected to become Commandos. They specialize in brute force and overwhelming firepower, equipped with shotguns in close quarters combat, or with miniguns and emplaced Nano Shields for battlefield support.

Helghast Engineers provide battlefield support, either in an offensive capacity (by constructing sentry turrets) or in a defensive capacity (by providing dynamic cover with strategically placed Nano Shields). 

Click on the gallery thumbnails below for full-size screenshots of the Helghast troopers. Keep an eye on for new Guerrilla Dossier, because we’ll be taking a look at the Helghast Security forces that maintain order in Vekta’s Helghan-controlled areas next.

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