KZ3 Composer Joris de Man Interviewed

KZ3 Composer Joris de Man Interviewed

The past year-and-a-half has been rather exciting for composer Joris de Man. Not only did his Killzone 2 score receive an iTunes release and widespread critical acclaim from games reviewers worldwide, it also earned him a prestigious Ivor Novello award. With the recent announcement that Joris is back on board for Killzone 3, we felt an interview was overdue. Hi Joris, welcome back to First of all, congratulations on your Ivor Novello award for the Killzone 2 score! What does winning this prize mean for you?


Joris de Man: Thank you so much! It is an incredible honour for me to win this price, as it isn't based on sales or popularity but awarded by music industry professionals. Since it is also the first time in the awards' history that video game music is included, it's almost like a double whammy. So I feel incredibly fortunate for being recognised in this way and especially for a score that was a real labour of love. :)


KZC: It was recently revealed that you're also working on the score for Killzone 3. Can you tell us a little bit about your creative approach to this project?


JDM: I'm very excited to be involved again, and this time around we're taking the music in a slightly darker and more electronic infused direction for the in-game music, without veering away too far from the style and sound the series is renowned for. As there is a much larger variety in locations in Killzone 3, the music also reflects that with distinctly different approaches for each level. It was really great fun exploring different instrumentations and sounds for the various levels, even sampling some of my own instruments and percussion to give it a signature sound.


For the cut scenes we will again be employing an orchestra; it's always a joy to work with live musicians who can really add something special to the emotional tone of the music to support the storyline, the characters and their personal journeys.

"we're taking the music in a slightly darker and more electronic infused direction"

Joris de Man

KZC: Will you be revisiting familiar themes from previous Killzone titles such as Birth of War or the Helghan March?


JDM: Yes, definitely, though they might not return in ways you expect! With Killzone 2 the focus was a lot on the Helghast, whereas with Killzone 3 it is more a David and Goliath style story with the ISA being the underdog, so that has definitely changed the way I score scenes. The Helghast motive still has found its way into several pieces though, and no Killzone is complete with at least a few notes of the (in)famous Birth of War theme. :)


KZC: What would you say are the primary differences in style between the new score and the score for Killzone 2?


JDM: A bigger variety of styles and a slightly darker and harder edged tone; music is now tied much more to the mood and feel of a particular area than before.


KZC: The Killzone 2 score was recorded at the world-famous Abbey Road studios using a live orchestra. Will you be recording the Killzone 3 score there as well?


JDM: Yes, I'm very happy to say that we're recording again later this year in the same studio and with the same excellent team from before, and with the fantastic bunch of musicians we had on the previous game.


It is always a joy and a privilege to record at Abbey Road, and working with a live orchestra is one of my favorite parts of the job!


KZC: Thank you for your time, Joris!


JDM: My pleasure.

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