Killzone: Intercept Creator Interview

During the hasty withdrawal from Helghan, a small ISA squad is ordered to prevent a large contingent of Helghast troops from intercepting the retreating ISA convoy. Outnumbered, the squad takes on the task with hopes of getting everyone off the planet alive…

Killzone: Intercept is a live-action short by Infectious Designer, the alias of 30-year old up-and-coming filmmaker Brian Curtin. Brian and his friends burst onto the YouTube scene four years ago with the release of ‘Concrete Hustle’, a well-choreographed light saber battle that demonstrated Brian’s talent for creating impressive scenes and special effects on a budget. Two years later, his Half-Life inspired short ‘Beyond Black Mesa’ created a huge stir among gamers and gaming websites.

Brian (second left) walks the fearsome Capture Trooper through a scene.

Since then, Brian’s dedicated most of his spare time to bringing his vision for the Killzone universe to life. “I’ve never done anything on this scale before,” Brian says of the project. “From the very start, I knew that the limited number of people and resources we used on our previous movies weren’t going to be enough for what we wanted to do with Killzone: Intercept.”


Scaling up meant that every detail had to be planned out meticulously in advance. “Pre-production started a full year before we even turned a camera on,” Brian recalls. “We had to write a script, set a budget, find a suitable shooting location, get a crew together, revise the script, work on props and costumes, figure out how we were going to do the special effects…”

The lead actor and a Helghast stuntman rehearse their close-combat fight scene.

Whereas previous projects relied almost exclusively on CG effects, for Killzone: Intercept Brian wanted to use practical special effects as much as the budget would allow. “One of the things we tried to do with the special effects for this project was to get them all on camera first,” Brian explains, “and then enhance and amplify them in After Effects later.”


The resulting visuals look on par with those of major Hollywood action flicks. “Technology makes it possible to achieve these results, even for people that aren’t high-budget filmmakers in LA,” Brian says. “I think that’s one of the reasons why fan-made live-action trailers and shorts are becoming so popular now. That, and the fact that many fans wish to see what their favorite games look like in live-action. Who better to realize that wish than someone who’s also a fan?”


Watch the full fifteen minutes of Killzone: Intercept below!


All footage, photos and promotional images courtesy of Infectious Designer.

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