Guerrilla Armory: VC-15 Shotgun Pistol

In this installment of the Guerrilla Armory series, we take a look at the Helghast VC15 shotgun pistol from Killzone Shadow Fall. A futuristic successor to the VC8 from Killzone 3, the new shotgun pistol offers much more than just cosmetic upgrades. Art director and firearms designer Roy Postma answers our questions about the new design.

How does the VC15 compare to the shotgun pistol found in Killzone 3?


“I really liked the VC8 shotgun pistol for its power and simplicity, so in that sense I really wanted to retain the essence of the gun. But its antiquated aesthetic – hovering somewhere between a sawn-off shotgun and an old-fashioned pirate gun – did require a serious overhaul to bring it back to the future. For starters we changed its outward appearance, giving it a much sleeker design. We kept the break-action reload system, but changed the ammo type so we could remove the rotating barrel and allow the weapon to fire from each individual fixed barrel. The classic shotgun shells were exchanged for electrically fired box-shaped canisters, capable of delivering 7 individual rounds per canister, to ensure tighter groupings.”


What was your inspiration for the VC15’s design?


“Style-wise I mostly just looked at the design for the VC15’s predecessor, and tried to bring that in line with the look of the other new weapons created for Killzone: Shadow Fall. The biggest changes emerged from reimagining the internal, functional logic of the weapon. I got inspired while reading about recent advances in stacked-round electrical firing mechanisms, where multiple projectiles can be loaded into a single barrel and discharged sequentially from a single ignition. We miniaturized that idea and brought it back to the size of a single canister, to make it work with our original concept of a sawn-off shotgun or a pirate gun.”


Where does the VC15 fit into the player’s arsenal? How is it used in combat?


“As one of the more devastating weapons at close quarters, its role in combat will be quite obvious! The VC15 is great for clearing small rooms and tight corridors. It’s also a solid backup weapon, as long as you make your shots count.”

Thanks, Roy! The Guerrilla Armory will be back with another new weapon from Killzone: Shadow Fall soon. In the meantime, check out the high-res screenshots in the gallery below: 

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