Guerrilla Armory: PNV-06 Petrusite Cannon

Guerrilla Armory is a series of exclusive articles that highlights new weapons from Killzone: Shadow Fall’s extensive lineup. In this installment we take a look at the Helghast PNV-06 Petrusite Cannon, a production model of the prototype StA-5X Arc Cannon from Killzone 3. We asked art director and firearms designer Roy Postma a few questions about the PNV-06.

How did the PNV-06 come into existence?


“We really wanted to bring a Petrusite weapon back to the game, because we loved the special effects for the Arc Cannons in previous Killzone titles, and their presence clearly illustrated the potential of Petrusite as a power source. Of course, those Arc Cannons were just early prototypes, and 30 years have passed since. It’s safe to assume that the Helghast have perfected the technology by now.


While the old Arc Cannons were deliberately designed to feel incomplete or slapped together from custom parts, we went in the opposite direction for the PNV-06 and tried to show what weaponized Petrusite could bring to the Helghast arsenal. To achieve this we started out with a nice, sleek body that could properly house all the components and look like a real production weapon – one that didn’t look as though it might kill the operator as well as the target.


The initial design was based on the idea that the PNV-06 would fire heavy Petrusite projectiles in single charged shots, but in practice, that made it function too much like a sniper rifle-like weapon. We had to find a way to increase the fire rate, but we couldn’t just make it fire faster – this is still a Petrusite weapon after all, and each shot requires a charge-up period.


In the end we decided to triple the size of the weapon, creating a brand new body that could house three firing mechanisms and thee barrels. The resulting beast was so big it had to be fired from the shoulder, but our work paid off – the PNV-06 now fires high-power destructive Petrusite shells in fast, three-shot bursts, showing off its true damage potential and value as a suppressive fire weapon.”


Without real-life counterparts to use as reference, how did you ensure the PNV-06 appears functional and realistic?


“A weapon like this is supposed to look special and distinguished from regular firearms, so the trick is actually to not look at real-life weapons. The previous Arc Cannons were constructed out of parts we took from scrapyards, electric engines, car seat frames and so on. For the PNV-06, I shifted my focus to modern sports car aluminum frames and motor blocks and such, to ensure that it would feel modern and clean, and would also stand out from the more traditional weapons. We retained the logic behind its firing mechanism from previous prototypes, and finished it off with more traditional gun parts such as rails, a standardized magazine and optics, to firmly cement it in the world of firearms.”


Petrusite weapons were extremely rare in Killzone 3 – is that still the case with the PNV-06?


“This thing turned out so big and powerful it just had to stay in the ‘exotic’ category. Then again, the fact that it has left the prototype phase and turned into a proper weapon, leading the Helghast to adopt it into their arsenal as a support weapon, means you will most definitely encounter this beast more frequently than its predecessors.”

Thanks again, Roy! The Guerrilla Armory will be back with another cool new weapon from Killzone: Shadow Fall soon. In the meantime, check out high-res screenshots of the PNV-06 in the gallery below:

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