Guerrilla Armory: StA-19 Pistol

The Guerrilla Armory returns with a look at the StA-19, a successor to the trusty Helghast sidearm from Killzone 2 and Killzone 3. We asked art director and firearms designer Roy Postma a few questions about the design of the StA-19 and its role in combat.

What are the biggest differences between the StA-19 and its immediate predecessor, the StA-18 from Killzone 3?


“Functionality-wise it’s the same gun, and its most distinctive features – the front-mounted drum magazine and the special cocking setup based on the classic Luger – remain intact. We did redesign the whole setup of the body, angling it downward at the front to better counter the recoil and make the weapon look even better than before.”


What role does the StA-19 have in combat? Does it have any tactical advantages?


“Its primary role is that of a backup weapon, but it will definitely hold its own when needed. In almost all cases it is better to quickly switch to your backup weapon than to reload your main weapon, and the large magazine on the StA-19 will ensure you can finish your opponents off.”


Is the StA-19 customizable with attachments, like the larger weapons in Killzone: Shadow Fall?


“Yes, there is a selection of tactical aids you can attach to the StA-19 to make it more versatile. For example, you can set it up to be complimentary with your main weapon so you can switch to your sidearm when you're going silent, for example, or when you navigate through darker areas.” 

Thanks, Roy. On the next Guerrilla Armory, we’ll introduce the deadly new Helghast sniper rifle – make sure you don’t miss it! In the meantime, enjoy these exclusive screenshots of the StA-19.

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