Guerrilla Armory: StA-61 Rifle

Guerrilla Armory is a series of exclusive articles that highlights new weapons from Killzone Shadow Fall’s extensive lineup. In this installment we ask art director and firearms designer Roy Postma about the StA-61, a dangerous new Helghast rifle.

What sets the StA-61 apart from the rifles of previous Killzone games?


“While earlier rifles were mostly based on upgraded versions of the proven StA-14 system, this one has been redesigned from the ground up. It fires high-precision, even-heavier-caliber rounds to perform in a sniper role – but at the same time, it manages to be compact and mobile enough for urban operations. We even integrated a pneumatic recoil system on the barrel to allow better control of the weapon while firing on the move.”


Does that mean the StA-61 can be fired “from the hip”, like its Killzone 3 predecessors?


“Yes it can, just don’t expect it to hit anything at medium to long range that way! With the integrated recoil system, you can definitely hip-fire in close-range encounters though.”


Which types of attachments will be available for the StA-61 in Killzone: Shadow Fall?


“Aside from the aforementioned range of optics and the silencer, you can actually fit different secondary fire attachments to your rifle to adjust it to your play style and make it a more complete package. For example, you can attach a taser to quickly stun and immobilize enemies that venture too close, or mount a pulse missile launcher to dispatch enemy bots before they locate you.”

Thanks, Roy. Check out exclusive screenshots of the StA-61 rifle below, and don’t forget to visit frequently for the latest Killzone Shadow Fall news!

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