Guerrilla Dossier: VSA Special Forces

In this new episode of the Guerrilla Dossier, we take a closer look at the small elite teams that are specialized in unconventional and high risk operations, deep in enemy territory: the VSA Special Forces.

The VSA have always followed a combat doctrine relying upon highly trained and well equipped personnel, and that strategy continues to serve them well during the cold war. The VSA now increasingly depend on small teams of elite Special Forces to infiltrate, survey, and sabotage Helghan activity across the wall. These missions are highly dangerous, and operators caught by Helghast Security Forces can expect torture followed by public execution. The VSA, seeking to avoid escalation, continue to maintain plausible deniability and do not intervene to protect captured agents.

VSA Special Forces specialize in unconventional and high risk operations, and work in small elite teams deep in enemy territory. The VSA Special Forces serve as the primary recruiting grounds for the Shadow Marshal program, and even though they represent the elite of the VSA, few meet the exacting standards for a Shadow Marshal. In his prime, Sinclair was among the most decorated of the VSA Special Forces troopers – he retired only when extensive injury rendered continued service impossible. 

Where appropriate for the mission, Special Forces teams will contain a dedicated marksman for support. VSA snipers also operate independent of the main team, providing reconnaissance and cover for their parent unit from concealed positions.

VSA Engineers provide technical support as the mission demands. They are skilled technicians and hackers, and can maintain and place automata for area defense or to improve the offensive potential of the team as required.


Click on the gallery thumbnails below for full-size screenshots of the VSA Special Forces. And keep an eye on for a new Guerrilla Dossier, because we’ll be taking a look at the Helghan counterpart of the Special Forces next.

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